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Bonjour Tartuffe ou l'imposteur!

We're currently working on the French 15th century Tartuffe by Molière. We've been learning the history of the play and its controversial past with the church. Tartuffe is a comedy, and poking fun at the church really didn't fly back then. For this production, we're excited to bring on board several new members to the company, who are all fantastic performers and it's great to have everyone bring their own creative input. With such a fun cast and an amazing director, we're really enjoying putting this play together and watching it come to life.

As always, we're busy as ever, as we just had a costume fitting! It's super refreshing to be able to get them so early, and it all looks incredible. With Tartuffe being a period piece, seeing everyone in costume really makes the play feel alive. Our design team did a stellar job, and we're lucky to have people like Costume Cave to help us with our shows!

Our design team, fundraising, and production team are all hard at work to help get this show on its feet. With a quiz night at Brew'd this Thursday, 14th of August, and possibly some more events down the line, we'll be able to fund the show and everything that goes into it!

Finally, we have confirmed the dates for our show at BATS Theatre! We're super excited to be working with them again. Our show is going on from the 18th to the 20th of October at BATS Theatre, and we couldn't be happier about our venue!

Keep an eye out, as more posts will be coming out between now and our show dates, with a better heads up about upcoming events too! (Sorry about that..) And as always, thank you so much.

-WYA team

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