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Lady Fanermere's Wind?

Who is lady Windermere? What’s her fan got to do with anything?

We've been uncovering the answers to these questions as we've rehearsed together for the last two months.

Oscar Wilde’s first hit play, Lady Windermere’s Fan (1892), is a hectic upper-class comedy, in which the tangled complexities of the plot are rivalled only by Wilde’s sparkling and witty dialogue. Relating an enjoyably unlikely story of a wife who suspects her husband of having an affair, only for the ‘other woman’ to be unmasked as her own mother. But despite its diamond-sharp one-liners, there is more to Lady Windermere’s Fan than mere entertainment: it is above all a subtle social satire, particularly pointed about the hypocrisy of Victorian attitudes to women.

Come experience Victorian life in high class England society with us at BATS Theatre on October 18-20.

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