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Become a Wellington Young Actor

We have three training options for 12-18 year olds:

Lower Hutt- Mondays 5.15-6.15pm (mixed levels)

Churton Park- Tuesdays 4.45pm-6.15pm -(mixed levels)

Wellington City- Wednesdays 4.45pm-6.15 (level one/level two)

For level one classes you can just sign up via our form or contact us and turn up. Level one is a little more casual with less commitment required and only private or small performances.

You don't necessarily have to work within level one before working within level two- but if you're unsure, it's helpful to find your way into the work through our level one class first.

Joining our Level Two company consists signing up via our form or contacting us, then, on your first class, performing your favourite monologue to the class as an introduction to who you are. This is not an audition process. At this point, you have already joined us. This is an introduction process where you get to show us who you are, artistically, in this moment- and we get to see who we can be in the process of helping you to grow even further. At this point, everything is in your hands. Level Two will never turn you down. It is your choice to say, perhaps, this wasn't what you expected/wanted or, that yes, you're keen to dive into your journey with us.

Occasionally, Debs (artistic director) might notice that you have more in common with another class and make the suggestion that you may have more fun with them but the process remains in your hands- you can decide your journey- you know what's best for you.

Sometimes we will have large open sign up sessions but you can join at any time. Contact us.

Also contact us for training options for younger students  at Wonderplay

But... do I have what it takes to join WYA?

You don't need to be the world's best actor to join our group- we just want to use our time with you to see who you are. If you are keen to give something a go, you're keen for new friendships you'll fit right in.


"When joining Wellington Young Actors you become part of a community and also learn so much at the same time. Wellington Young Actors has taught me many essential skills regarding acting such as how to effectively use my body and voice in my performance and techniques to really give my character a sense realism and emotion. It has also taught me how to create my own work which is absolutely imperative in the theatre community in New Zealand. I now know what I need to do to make a show and put it on myself."

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