Join us!

Become a Wellington Young Actor

We have three training options for 12-18 year olds:

Churton Park- Tuesdays 4.45pm-6.15pm -(level one)

Wellington City- Wednesdays 3.45-4.45pm (level one)

                     Wednesdays 4.45-6.15pm -(level two)

Come and check out a class to see how you like it.

There is no audition required for our Level One classes.

The auditions for our level two class are very relaxed and lots of fun. It consists of hanging out with us for a class, joining in and presenting a monologue to the group which we will help you to bring to life.

Occasionally we will have big auditions but you can audition or join at any time. Contact us.

Also contact us for training options for younger students  at Wonderplay

Why do we audition?

You don't need to be the world's best actor to join our group- we just want to use the audition to see who you are. We want to see that you're keen to give something a go and that you're keen for new friendships! 

Plus we find auditioning gives you a greater sense of accomplishment and that leads to you having more of a sense of ownership and belonging with the company.


"When joining Wellington Young Actors you become part of a community and also learn so much at the same time. Wellington Young Actors has taught me many essential skills regarding acting such as how to effectively use my body and voice in my performance and techniques to really give my character a sense realism and emotion. It has also taught me how to create my own work which is absolutely imperative in the theatre community in New Zealand. I now know what I need to do to make a show and put it on myself."