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The Capital's Youngest Theatre Company


Wellington Young Actors trains actors and theatre makers to be able to hold their own in a professional environment. We train teenagers to be able to create their own work, produce shows and to perform at an industry level.

We encourage honesty, diversity, strength and camaraderie.

We provide weekly classes, shows in professional environments, industry training, workshops and professional opportunities-

as well as great friendships and heaps of fun! 

"Other than various people, social, public speaking, confidence and creative skills the main thing that being a Young Actor has given me is a second family. A group of people who will always have my back. I have made some of my best friends though drama, it has become a part of me and my identity. When I meet new people one of the first things I tell them is about this amazing theatre company I’m a part of and the amazing people in it." -Company Member


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