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Happy New Year!

We're really excited about this year because once again, Wellington Young Actors are participating in the New Zealand Fringe Festival. Our show is called Puberty: The Musical.

Since we are all around the age of experiencing puberty we thought that the process of changing from childhood into adulthood would be fun to flip on its head and make a musical. Puberty: The Musical covers lots of different aspects of puberty and turns them into a play, some real world examples, others fun movie/tv style adaptations. As well covering some real world issues, through the magical art of metaphors. We are still making our play, we are mostly devising scenes, writing scripts and making posters, but we are well on our way to performing Puberty: The Musical at NZ Fringe 2020 at BATS Theatre. We are mostly devising scenes, writing scripts, making posters and of course, writing blog posts. We’ll try to keep in touch and up to date with all our happenings and going ons. We hope you get to see the show, and we will enjoy making it for you.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us reach our goal (and then some!) on PledgeMe, those who attended our quiz night fundraiser and everyone who has supported the show so far!


13 - 16 MARCH AT 7PM, SUNDAY AT 6PM, $17-22

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