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We're back- with a festival of shows!

It's been a tricky year with the pandemic, but our classes are up and running again and we’ve got brand new shows for you!

This time it is Shakespeare, each class having their own take on the Bard’s works. With three plays we have our own kind of mini festival. The Level One classes are doing Twelfth night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream; while the Level 2 group is tackling one of Shakespeare's historical plays, Henry VI part one.

So far in rehearsal the play has been a lot of fun. With all the feudal rivalries going on in Henry VI, we have had plenty of battles and duels to learn. On one day we got a trained fight choreographer in to help us which was cool. Luckily for Aeneas, the fight choreographer brought in a rubber training dummy for us to practice on. Which meant he could retire (although already having sustained significant damage). Anyway jokes aside, we have also been working on some of the more powerfully emotional moments. Our actors have worked very hard on these to bring them to a level of poignancy and emotional depth. In class we have also had some interesting discussion about how this play can be relevant to a modern audience. (Unfortunately Charli Demilio turned down the role of Alencon).

We are very much looking forward to bringing this production to the stage. It’s only two weeks to go- you can get your tickets at Eventfinda.

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