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Crunch time!

With just four weeks to go till showtime for Puberty: The Musical, time seems to be running out from beneath us. For our group of talented young people it really is crunch time.

We’ve been going to extra rehearsals to get every little thing done.The array of scenes we have, as well as the songs and dances means everyone has something to work on!

In just one hour we seek to span the depths of puberty from armpit hair to awkward erections. One thing’s for sure though. This is set to be a killer season for our show. With tickets selling out faster than you can say ‘anterior pituitary’. So if for some reason you haven’t got round to getting yours yet then jump onto that fringe website now (tickets are also available through BATS)!

With the Fringe Festival kicking off soon, it’s great to be a part of this annual event. It is exciting to have so many shows going on, and I would encourage people to go see as many as they can. It is an event that has been going on for 30 years and counting, and features upcoming talent, local and international. So here’s to Fringe 2020 and all going well, a cracker show!

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