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Puberty: the Musical - 4 weeks away!

Friends of WYA! You have waited for another blogpost… it has arrived. You have waited for our show… it is four weeks away. We have been rehearsing incessantly, memorising our lines into the small hours of the morning and muttering them when we sleep. All our dreams and labours are spent on bringing Puberty: the Musical to the NZ Fringe.

We have devised twelve scenes, traversing distant corners of time, from Elizabethan England to space journeys yet unknown, all illuminating the dreadful ordeals and untold excitements of puberty. It is a complete, world-class work as it stands, bound to make the NZ Festival weep that we refused their invitation in favour of maintaining our loyalties to the endlessly noble and fertile salt-of-the-earth of the Fringe. Yet we continue to alter and expand it, striving endlessly for new heights of super-Shakespearean perfection. Our last run-through shook the rehearsal space, so that tears could be heard from the neighbouring Toi Poneke offices.

This epochal masterpiece is close to selling out, and has been extended to a four-night run due to the immense demand. Go, go immediately to, lest you never see Puberty: the Musical for yourself.

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