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The Winter's Tale: a rehearsal update from Max and Kaia

Hey guys!

Over the year, Wellington Young Actors have been working on two of Shakespeare's plays; The Merchant of Venice and The Winter's Tale. Our last blog post from Jack talked about The Merchant of Venice, and in this post Kaia and I are here to talk about The Winter's Tale!

The Winter's Tale was one of Shakespeare's much lesser-known plays to us. It is famous for having the stage direction: Exit, pursued by a bear. Kaia and I play the two main characters, Hermione and Leontes, the Queen and King of Sicilia. In The Winter's Tale, Leontes believes that Hermione has committed adultery with his best friend, and king of neighbouring country Bohemia, Polixenes. This results in a whirlwind of trouble for our previously happy family.

The Winter's Tale deals with a lot of social issues that are prevalent in our society today, even though we've set the play in the 1950's. Sexism, classism, and abuse of power are all major themes running through our play, which has made the whole company think about how people treat each other in our world. These issues aren't usually affecting our lives, but this play helps us as young people to see these problems in a much more subjective sense.

This year we have struggled with changes in our cast, involving losing the actors who played Polixenes, Autolycus, Cleomenes(twice), and a few more. But we've been able to be flexible and recover and now we have an awesome play with a full cast that we're excited to show you!

Both of our shows will be at Wellington Girls College from the 19th-21st of October. You can see either one of our shows, or get a double bill ticket for both! Tickets and more info can be found at eventfinda.

The Winter's Tale

Friday 19th October: 6:00pm

Saturday 20th October: 4:00pm

Sunday 21st October: 4.00pm

The Merchant of Venice: Friday 19th October, 8pm Saturday 20th October, 2.30pm

Sunday 21st October: 2.30pm

Tickets: $14/$10 Both Show Admission $20/$16

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