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Book now for the The Merchant of Venice and The Winter's Tale (a rehearsal update from WYA's

For the past two terms, we've have been working on two of Shakespeare's plays; The Winter's Tale and The Merchant Of Venice. I'm in The Merchant of Venice . We have an exciting new take on our show. Lots of characters genders have been swapped, including Antonio, Shylock, Portia and many more- I play Nericius who is a gender-swapped version of the character Nerissa.

Antonia’s (Antonio) friend Bassania (Bassanio) wants money to travel to Belmont to attempt to choose the right casket and marry Porcius (Portia), so they go and ask Shylock to lend them money so Bassania. Shylock asks for the money to be paid back by a certain time, or else she would take a pound of Antonia's flesh. When Antonia’s (Antonio) ships are lost at sea, Shylock comes seeking the pound of Antonia's flesh and the courts must decide their fates.

This term we were hit hard by the loss of two of our main actors and were close to having to cancel our show, but we got back on our feet and we still have a show! We had to re-fundraise to be able to pay for extra rehearsals for our new actors, but we managed to reach that fundraising goal with time to spare. Thank you so much to everyone who donated on our Boosted campaign and bought raffle tickets.

Our shows (including The Winter's Tale) will be at Wellington Girls College on 19th-21st of October. Catch the double bill! We are looking forward to performing for everyone. Tickets are available now through eventfinda

The Merchant of Venice: Friday 19th October, 8pm Saturday 20th October, 2.30pm Sunday 21st October, 2.30pm

The Winter's Tale: Friday 19th October, 6pm Saturday 20th October, 4pm Sunday 21st October, 4pm

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