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Almost ready to launch How to _____ Us at NZ Fringe!

Hi everybody, Sylvie (13) here from Wellington Young Actors!

The past few sessions we have been finalising a few last scenes for our play How to _____ Us. We have come up with a show all about teenagers and what our life is like. Our show is in the NZ Fringe Festival from the 19th-21 March. You can book tickets here:

We have also made some poster designs and at the moment are deciding between two designs. If you want to help us put on our show we have a PledgeMe campaign and we need to raise $800, every dollar helps and we would really appreciate it. It's here:

A few weekends ago we featured in the Island Bay Festival parade where we promoted our show by having a big banner and handing out fliers.

Now we have basically got the script sorted we have to learn our lines and our drama teacher Debs will direct our scenes. As well as that our costume and set team are going to start to cracking organising what our set will be and if we need any costumes. I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with what happens in the following weeks.

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